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Franchise Strategy

Every business has its distinct franchise strategy. The development of the right strategy for a businessman to turn into a successful franchisor can be complicated. While the legal documents needed to be a franchisor are forthright, it is the business decisions included in the documents which need proper evaluation and research.

The business Franchise strategy to structure the franchise is the foundation of every prosperous franchise system and the right strategy ensures that the objectives are achievable. The challenge is to find out what will work for your company so that you can make a franchise offering that is salable to the franchisees you want to choose. Developing a franchise crafted to be appealing to individual-unit franchisees when your purposed franchisee is multi-unit or another type of prospective franchisee can hamper your growth and create issues inproperly supporting your franchise system.

The basic to any successful franchise system is the economic relationship between the franchisor and its franchisees, with a goal to draft a business model which is salable and sustainable.


What is the plan of action in franchise brand Development?

Even with efficient hard work, dedication, and commitment, the management of a business needs planning and innovation. It is more needed in a franchise system because of the significance, details, and sensitivity of the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee.

Management handles the operations of the business. Hence it is responsible to recognize opportunities, organize actions, direct the course and controlling several factors to ensure an effective and cohesive running system. A well-developed plan of action can help to achieve the aims.

While processing a plan, issues and assumptions can be checked with formal scrutiny, early enough to make reasonable management possible. But, having a plan isn’t sufficient for effective management if it is just seen as a document and is not used as a tool to manage the business.

franchise your business

A strategic plan has some guidelines- precision-reasonableness-completeness.

Franchisors should progress through their work keeping the strategic plan into consideration. It will help them to:

  • Analyze every aspect of the business
  • Regulate the strategy
  • Set the tactics
  • Process its advantages and effects
  • Take action

Pen down the strategic plan

The strategic franchise business plan should showcase the distinct quality of your business, the fire and zest you feel for it. You may not be able to complete the planning in one draft. Too many drafts have to be written before finalizing.

Once finalized, they should be used for the management of the business, assessment of the actual events against plan and updated on regular basis.

Zero-based approach

A zero-based approach is used when developing a strategic plan for a franchise system. It means every important facet of the business is analyzed, assessed for its cost and contribution to the brand. Nothing is acceptable for its historic certainty. It comprises of but is not restricted to:

  • Suppliers
  • Franchisee profile
  • Fees
  • National or global market
  • Management
  • Asset management
  • Relationship
  • Concept
franchise strategy

Franchisors rise or fall because of their foresight, expertise, and what they have offered to their employees to avoid unavoidable hazards. These are the three stages to consider when expanding your franchise strategy/business.


Franchising without proper research on the feasibility of the concept is not suggested. It can be damaging for the business as well as their franchisees. Franchisors franchising their business should have detailed knowledge about the marketplace, socio-economic conditions of the place, and other systems linked to the franchise business. If there is a lot of competition and franchisors have nothing to offer, then the expansion would fail. Aspiring franchisors should take the guidance of a good franchise consultant for expansion, whether it can be franchised or not, what should be the steps, and so on.

b. Legal help

Establishing a franchise system is the major concern of any franchisor. A lot of professionalism is needed to do this task and it is not a DIY project. Offering a franchise kit is essential but starting a franchise business idea requires more than just a kit.

Recruiting expert assistance in undertaking the difficult compliance tasks with disclosure laws and contract draw-ups when commencing is the best progress a franchisor should opt for. Hiring a professional franchise consultant such as Wise and Rise will help you prepare the legal documents to implement a franchise plan for a new franchisor. It is important for the plan in the franchisor’s mind to come in the legal form and only a reputable and reliable consultant like us can help you achieve that.

c. Managing business 

Franchisors are successful businessmen who have chosen the franchise path for expansion. Franchising is a complex and competitive niche in which extraordinary skills are required. Emerging franchisors can hire experienced personnel to assist in this expansion. Regardless of how good the concept is, the effort needed in the research and up to the mark management guidelines is extremely complex.

Plan Development

We at Wise and Rise, determine in advance for the development of the plan. Strategic planning is a top-level activity as it involves the collection of data, input from different sources, and the final version of the draft.

1.      Research: The plan development process initiates with the collection of data on every facet of the business. Research is a continuous procedure. All around the year, the details essential for inclusion are collected by the person responsible and used accordingly.


2.      Planning team: The planning process starts with a series of meetings between the staff, company, and advisors. While some companies draft their strategic plan internally, others involve consultants and franchisees in the procedure. Franchisees bring a unique perspective that senior management should be aware of. The process involves all the members of the team along with the franchisees to think more than their own duties and look at their role in the whole franchise system.


3.      Prior year assessment: Draft a detailed assessment of your plan of:

·         what you want to achieve

·         whether it is achievable or not

·         events that can make the plan work

·         what all has changed from last year- within the company, within franchising, within the industry

Once you rationally assess the past to define the expected and unexpected accomplishments, you will be able to be thorough with your plan.

4.      Action plan: As the practices evolve, decisions about direction need to be made so that none of the procedures get impeded. The end result of the meeting will create an action plan. A good plan of action has a highly detailed study.

·         An assessment of the competitive environment of the industry and the franchise sector. It will showcase the progress potential in both.

·         Details as to what the prospective customer demand is for your franchise system.

·         Points of differentiators your franchise business model offers over others.

·         A complete monetary forecasting model of primary and long-term investment and infrastructure requisitions.

·         The growth of your overall franchise model which is viable to all the parties and works to attract prospective franchisees and meet your franchising goals.

·         Analyzations to show budgetary requisitions for franchise development, franchisee hiring, operations, assistance and HR requirements, and other legal services.



The plan of action developed helps in the organization and scheduling of the tasks during the implementation stage. It offers controls and feedbacks to make sure the company is progressing in the right direction. The plan describes what you want to happen, the implementation will ensure what is going to happen.

Every component of the plan needs a detailed action plan with well-defined timelines, milestones and responsible personnel outlined.

franchise strategy
franchise strategy

What is the Distributorship model for Franchise?

Fill in the pipeline. Well, a distributor franchise system can make you a successful middleman. It can manage the logistics of acquiring products and services and getting them to the desired location under pre-decided timelines. If this type of business interests you, then a distributorship model for franchises is a great investment.

This franchise business idea should offer a top-quality and consistent supply of products and services. Right from fresh foods to perishable items, everything should be delivered right on time.

At Wise and Rise, you can explore distributor franchise business opportunities, know what they offer, find out about the franchise business feasible for you and learn how to be a part of the system. If you have the ability, you can cover multiple territories. Just consult Wise and Rise for franchise buyer advice, resources and assistance to assess the best franchise opportunities.

The distributorship franchise model guidance includes these points:

  • Which territory will they cover?
  • What of your products do they relate to?
  • What are your duties in fulfilling orders?
  • What your distributor’s responsibilities are in the promotion of the product and creating sales?
  • Rights and restrictions to your intellectual property i.e. the right of the distributor to use your name, logo.
  • Terms and conditions of the sale, duty to transport, delivery when ownership of the product is passed from you to the distributor
  • What happens when you or the distributor wish to terminate the contract?

What is global franchise?

Global franchising is a strategic option to lower your dependency on domestic sales and grow new and better income source centers globally. Expanding your brand globally via franchising includes a number of low risks, minimum investment and a major upside opportunity to scale abilities.

The resources and abilities are pooled to achieve strategic marketing, distribution and sale objective. The franchisor pays an upfront fee to the franchisee, payable after signing the contract. The other fees include marketing, advertising and royalties, depending on how the contract is bargained and agreed upon.

Global franchising is a complex procedure that needs comprehensive consideration of several aspects such as adaptability, rationalism, and benefits versus risks. Some of the aspects of global franchising are given below:

  • Duplication: During the global franchising process, companies endeavor to repeat the successful business models in the international markets.
  • Challenge: The difference in the native language, regulations and financial systems, between the franchising business and the foreign market can be a severe challenge during global expansion.
  • Advantages: Global franchising means exploring new markets with target customers and prospects. It also places the company’s name and presence in the new market.
  • Adaptability: It is important for the franchise model to adapt to the needs and demands of the foreign market to attract more customers.
  • Counsel: Global franchising experts in our team help companies understand the foreign market before extending. They advise businesses on several topics right from financing to culture differences.

To accelerate the growth of your franchise India model, we at Wise and Rise define who the prospective franchisees are and the method to recruit the recommended classes of franchisees and rapidly close the sale. We assess the duties and responsibilities of our clients once they start as a franchisor and regulate how they want their relationship with their franchisees to be structured. In developing our approach to your franchise system, we regulate the rights to be included in their license to franchisees and also the right reserved to them and not included in the franchise model.

Our comprehensive services for franchise business distributorship models help you channelize your franchise model in the best way, domestically and globally.

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