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We have built 100 plus blockchain projects.


Blockchain Wallet Development

Blockchain Wallet is like a secure digital safe. You can hire blockchain developers to build bitcoin wallets, online & mobile wallets designed to deliver a higher level of security.


Multi Chain/Supply Chain

Hire blockchain developers for working on solutions to improve traceability and transparency of your transactions with our effective supply chain solution.


ICO Development

From conceptual token design and ICO smart contracts to website deployment, hire blockchain developers to get all-inclusive development support for ICO.


Cryptocurrency Development

Hire Blockchain Programmers from Wise And Rise to integrate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into your legacy systems.


Wallet Development

Our dedicated Blockchain Coders build universal Cryptocurrency Wallet for the exchange of popular Cryptocurrencies which are safe and secure.



Our offshore Blockchain coders build Crowdsale contracts to help you manage your cryptocurrency better and move forward in this unique sales process.

Outsource blockchain development to India.

Get tokens, smart contracts, ICO, IDO, DeFI and NET platforms built at affordable rates.

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