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Recruit-Retain-Roar. Outsource your recruitment. We offer the best recruitment solutions for IT and non-IT companies in India.

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We give the best consulting

We offer hiring solutions at affordable costs. We offer IT and non IT hiring solutions. We do executive search. We also help you hire mid and fresher level candidates. If you need help in bulk and contractual hiring then look no further. We are the right HR outsourcing company for you.

Recruitment Solutions for all

Our HR recruitment solutions can help you to fulfill your employment requirements. We offer hiring solutions to companies of all sizes. From a single founder company to a large MNC have trusted Wise and Rise as their preferred recruitment solution partner. Staffing and recruitment made easy with our hassle free recruitment solutions.

  • We are not a typical 8.33% commission company.
  • We understand your requirements and help you find right candidates
  • We help you save your costs

You need to tell us your requirements and we will help you find the right solution.

We have 16+ years of experience in hiring. We have clients from every niche. We have developed hard-core expertise in managing the entire recruitment process. If you need the right recruitment partner then look no further.

Payroll Outsourcing company

We are the most trusted payroll management company based in Pune. We offer cutting edge solutions to your payroll outsourcing needs. We are a reliable third party payroll service provider. We do payroll processing for all types of businesses. We do Complete Outsourcing. We take care of every aspect of your Payroll, deductions, Tax and Compliance.

Why to outsource your Payroll?

There are several key benefits of outsourcing payroll management. It helps companies to reduce their costs. It lets higher management and owners focus on their core. There is no need of spending long hours on administrative work.

  • Save Costs
  • Save Money
  • No bottlenecks

Payroll outsourcing can help you save 30% of your time.

Outsourcing payroll prevents your business from having to hire someone just for this specific purpose. The payroll manager for most SMEs is either multitasking or grossly underutilized. We help you save costs and time over payroll. There is no need for lengthy paperwork and a possibility of fraud.

What is the Human Resources Management Information System?

Have you calculated your employee ROI? HR MIS will help you find the most accurate ROI of your employees, departments and all human resources within your organization. We match KPI with current performance. We understand what can help you improve the performance of the employee and/or departments within the organization.

Make data driven decisions

It is important to track your employees. You need to know if the KPIs are met properly. You need to align personal goals of your employee with the organization goals. Know the real issues and solve them with the help of experts.

A dialogue with the help of data becomes statistics. Know your stats well. Give amazing action plans to your workforce. Offer creative solutions to your workforce. Know their personal ambitions and find the best way to improve their performance.