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Since the origin of business, outsourcing has been a part of different industries. In order to run a successful business, an entrepreneur has to look after several business processes. The several advantages offered by outsourcing have impelled the companies to subcontract their work. Business Process Outsourcing or BPO widely defines subcontracting of different business processes by organizations. 

BPO Services: Re-grow your Business Operations


Today, businesses are driven by invention and specialization. In this competitive world, the non-core business processes outsourced to third-party offering specialized BPO services have become a necessity. This allows the companies to share the load of managing their non-core business activities with an expert BPO company so that they can tackle their core business functions and enhance their revenues.

BPO services in India include inbound and outbound call center services, technical support, research of the market, legal process outsourcing, payroll processing services, sales, customer service, human resource services, accounting and finance, digital marketing, and more.


We at Wise and Rise, aim to deliver all types of BPO services to companies in their best interest. We are a reliable and effective solution to meet all your business outsourcing requirements such as legal, HR, sales and marketing, finance, and digital marketing. 

How do we simplify your work?


We, as an BPO outsourcing company offer you the best quality solutions. We have a team of highly experienced members along with the latest technologies to help you with. Wise and Rise has proved its competence in the BPO industry. We have rendered customized solutions to our clients from all over the world. The most essential reason for which companies outsource their work is cost saving and we, have the best cost-effective solutions for your business processes.

Services we offer our clients:


At Wise and Rise, we offer a broad spectrum of BPO services in India such as finance and accounting services, data entry services, web design and development services, customer contact BPO, research and analysis, software development, and more.

When you outsource your business processes with Wise and Rise, you experience better productivity, lower operational expenses, and better customer service along with gaining an edge above your competitors. As you shift your back-office work to offshore locations, you acquire more resources and time to concentrate on the major business goals.

Our BPO Services in India


  • Financial Management: We offer business process outsourcing facilities for finance to companies in the financial sectors such as banking, insurance companies, capital markets all over the globe.
  • Sales and Customer Support: We offer end-to-end sales outsourcing services customized as per our client’s business requirements. We help our clients to develop strong communication channels with their customers via social media, web, email and SMS.
  • Web development: We develop top-notch, high-performance web development to accelerate our client’s business growth.
  • SEO: We offer efficient SEO services to our clients to increase their websites rank on search engines. We have a successful record of delivering the best SEO services.
  • Finance and Accounting: We help companies to convert from transaction to strategic models via smart operations. We tackle the accounting processes of our clients while abiding by the company rules and regulations.
  • Social media marketing: Our enthusiastic team of social media marketers aims to improve your online presence by offering effective social media marketing services for your company.
  • Supply chain management: At Wise and Rise, we help companies create swift and transparent supply chains to direct market volatility without any issue. Our services include strategies for a new product, design and development, procurement assistance and after-sale services.
  • HR outsourcing: We allow managers to access and use Human Resource information more comfortably via our inventive techniques.

Why should you choose our Business Process Outsourcing Services?


  • Experience and expertise: With our remarkable industry knowledge, skilled team, innovative resources, plans and processes, we ensure that your business operations with flourish with time. 
  • Quality and compliance: By complying with the industry standards, we aim to deliver high-quality output. Our BPO services in India will fulfill your business needs and requirements and add value to your company.
  • Value added consultation: Owing to our experience in rendering services to clients across the globe, we ensure that our value-added consultations will offer you the best means to deal with day-to-day business challenges. Our reliable BPO services will help you successfully tackle the challenges in your business.
  • End-to-end personalized services: Wise and Rise, the professional BPO company, offers end-to-end personalized business process optimization services in primary business functions and sector verticals offering on-time fulfillment of projects. We offer the most inclusive and result-driven services.
  • Being a leading BPO company, we have profound abilities to scale up your BPO services and develop with the changing business requirements. We ensure continuity of growth and have a record of on-time completion.


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