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Of course, you can form your own sales department and commence direct sales. You can also build your own representative offices in any country you want. But, it surely needs huge resources.

An effective way to do that is to develop a dealership network. But, why is it beneficial to bring dealership providers into action? Well, the answer is simple: they will invest resources and perform work as you would have done.

Be it a product or software, anything can be promoted via a network of dealerships. So, the development of dealerships will help you cover large markets with minimal resources and increased sales. The major thing is the presence of a product and hiring a reliable dealership provider.

This is where we enter. We, at Wise and Rise, provide you with the right expertise to grow your dealer/ distributor business. Whether you need assistance in marketing, sales, finance or legal matters, we are here to offer you the right help to grow your dealership business. We give you the right direction to channelize your business, multiply its lead, and eventually witness an increase in your sales. However, before proceeding we would like to mention the steps needed to put dealership provider into action:

Assess the running cost of your own office

First and foremost, it is important to analyze a dealership provider’s duties and calculate the expenses of running the representative office as if you were working for your business. The cost will include:

  • Starting expenses
  • Action plan for the launch and sale of your business
  • Sales strategy to attract prospective clients
  • Analyzation of competitors

However, when you join hands with us, we cover all these aspects for you. All you need to do is share your business details with us and we will prepare the end-to-end execution of your venture right from conception strategy to marketing and sales.

Draft a strategy to cover a market or steps to run your business

The next thing is to plan the steps to enter a new market. Your task is to provide a detailed document to your dealer which includes all the necessary plan of action to start your business based on your experience. It is more like installation instructions.

Once you have covered that, our dealership experts will conveniently get into the business and launch it successfully. This will save a huge amount of time and money when you are starting a new venture or entering a new market.

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